Right Queer Right Now, Stour Space, London, UK.
May 2019.
Right Queer, Right Now is a celebration of modern LGBTQ+ pioneers based within the UK.
Everyone Says Hi, Kaff, London, UK.
April 2012.
Named after a song from one of Brixton's most famous inhabitants, the series of images showcases and celebrates the cultural diversity of South London's most vibrant community. Featuring a comprehensive range of faces, ages and backgrounds, the series of images are to be shown at Kaff, a welcoming and lively venue which can be found on Brixton's Atlantic Road close to Brixton Village. The photographs are an intimate and often startling selection of the people we walk past on a daily basis. Mothers, lawyers, musicians, actors - we often see them, but never get a chance to fully observe them and pay attention to their nuances. This press release shouldn't be just a long list of names and job titles. It should be about how we relate to them and each other as strangers in the modern world, and seeing the character in their faces that has been put there by experience. "Everyone Says Hi" offers a look at the beautiful, the fragile and the real face of the modern Brixton and it's inhabitants.
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